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Professional House Cleaning Hacks

I've asked house cleaners near me and around the world for their best cleaning hacks and here are some that made the list...

Bathroom Cleaning Hack

Dust everything starting at the top working your way down. Make sure to dust the mirror, vanity, cupboard facings, bathtub walls, doors, door frames, and of course the toilet. You're probably wondering who in the world dusts toilets? Professional house cleaners do! If you've ever cleaned a toilet or a bathtub, you've probably spent more time chasing down a wet hair than you'd care to admit.

Stovetop Cleaning Hack

This will be a controversial tip but I have personally found that it works the BEST, and by best, i mean it removes all the gunk and it works extremely fast! Always check with your manufacturer before trying this because not all stovetops are the same. Use a pumice stone to clean cooked on yuck from your stovetop. Simply spray the surface generously and run water over your stone making sure it is completely saturated. It is extremely important to keep the surface wet as well as your stone at all times during this process. Next, lay the pumice flat on its side and use it like you would a sponge rubbing it in circular motions, softly! Wipe with a microfiber to check the progress and repeat the process until all the gunk has been removed. Finish off by using your favorite glass cleaner, I prefer Sprayaway brand.

Unconventional Ways To Use A Mop

If you have kiddos or animals, you might have dirty walls and doors. I've found that a mop works wonders to clean walls, doors or any large surface. I prefer a spin mop. This type of mop allows you to apply pressure and is easier to maneuver, whereas a traditional string mop would be ineffective. If you have flat paint in your home, I don't recommend this approach, you could rub the paint off. If you have glossy finish, it should work fine but always test in an inconspicuous spot first. You can even you this house cleaning hack to clean the tile walls in the shower.

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